I’m a mom of three working from home (and around town) as a freelance writer, editor and social media consultant. On any given day I might be researching childhood bullying, scraping pizza sauce from my counter, tweeting about the latest breastfeeding controversy, and packing swimming gear while compiling pitches in my head. I love life this way.

The beauty of being a parenting writer is that you can write about anything – because everything that affects us affects our children. So while occasionally I reel off some potty training advice, I prefer speaking and writing on issues of politics, social justice, marketing and mass media, feminism and environmentalism.

I’m a go-to gal; people look to me for advice and solutions and typically they’re pleased with what I give them. I believe in volunteerism and service to your community whether that community be your insular family or the world at large. I appreciate beauty in all things and all people. I love a good joke. I savour coffee. I enjoy a good book. I wrangle words into content and content into understandable chunks of words. I thrive on connection to people and ideas.

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  1. markhtyler59

    I just read your column on paternity leave and wanted to compliment you want it.

    My wife and I have two children and a third on the way at the end of August. When our first was born, I took the maximum paternity leave, and at the end of the period my wife and I agreed that she would continue to work full time while I would scale back to part time. When our second was born about 18 months later, I again took paternity leave. This time, once the leave ended, we decided that my wife would continue to work full time while I would stop working and instead stay at home full-time.

    So, paternity leave had a special meaning to me. I was not “helping my wife” but instead experiencing parenthood with that particular child for the first time. It was awesome both times, and convinced me that it would be more important for me to spend time with the child than working and earning an income. Fortunately, my wife is a lawyer, does very well, and enjoys her job, so she was more than happy to become the sole breadwinner.

    Anyway, your column was really good. I hope that more people read it and learn from it. As for me, once our third child arrives, of course I will not be taking paternity leave!

    All the best.

    Mark Tyler

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